Wireless LED Lights for Events

Transform any live event into a stunning visual experience with your wireless LED uplighting. 

Multi-Color LED & Battery Powered

Our wireless LED lights for events can match near perfectly with almost any color you choose for your upcoming event. Our high-powered LED wall washers, LED tube lighting rentals, centerpiece pin spots, and wall washers will give you the tools you need to transform any event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Don’t have enough power at your venue? Do not worry! Our wireless lighting units are battery powered and can last up to 12 hours based on color and lighting intensity. Available for pick up or drop off, our team of lighting programmers and specialists will assist you in setting up, choosing a color, and placing your wireless LED lights for events to ensure you maximize them to the best of their ability. 

Made For Events, Films, Ambient Lighting and More.

Wireless Lighting Types

When it comes to wireless LED lighting, there are plenty of solutions you can find online and from your local supplier. Often overlooked is the quality of the light, the intensity and the ease of use. Our inventory covers some of the best options, for all types of solutions.

LED Wall Washers

Our wall washers include 10″, 20″ and 40″ units. These LED wall washer units can be used to add color to walls, illuminate furniture, or design the perfect DJ set. 

Most Popular

LED Tube Rentals

Perfect for structural lighting rentals, ambient lighting, design, film and videos. Our LED tubes provide 270 degrees of light. Time to get creative. 

LED Pin Spots

Highlight your dinner tables, showcase products or light up signage. Our pinspots allow you to brighten up elements at your event without spilling into other areas. 

LED Spot Lights

Perfect for lighting up large buildings, highlighting event areas and more. Our most powerful feature is a must have. 

24/7 Delivery & Set Up Available

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